Whole Again Workshop

Upcoming Workshop

Whole Again: A healing circle for women who were challenged by Cesarean delivery

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Whether your Cesarean delivery was weeks, months or years ago, you may still feel the aftereffects in your body, mind and spirit. You may feel thwarted, silenced, incomplete. Chances are you long to be heard, supported and understood.

Join this group of women who were challenged by Cesarean birth and wish to honor and heal the experience. The group will be led by Madhu Maron, a certified life coach and mom who gave birth by C-section in 2009.

Our focus will be three-fold:

* To share our stories in a supportive, safe community
* To be supported in our loss without apology or judgment
* To celebrate our strengths and to claim the ways we succeeded in our birth experience

Time: Saturday, April 23 from 10:00am – 11:30am

Place: 119 West 23rd Street, Suite 802, NYC

Cost: $17

To register, contact Madhu Maron at 917 306 1341 or madhu@madhucoach.com

A note from Madhu: After my C-section, it felt like the world was saying, “You have a healthy baby. Now move on.” I was inspired to create this group after talking to many other women who felt similarly silenced and unable to fully process their loss.