After being told that I had a 3% chance of getting pregnant, I was devastated.  I always knew I wanted to be a mom and had fantasies about being pregnant and raising a child in Brooklyn.  After the initial shock and devastation wore off, I decided to focus on my health and take time off of trying to conceive.

I began seeing Sara for acupuncture to “de-stress” and to see if she could help with issues with my adrenal glands. After three short months, I was feeling more relaxed, less lethargic, and my overall outlook had improved.  

Then the unexpected call came from my doctor… “You’re pregnant!”

I truly believe that without acupuncture, I would still be childless.  

Throughout my pregnancy, I visited Sara for swollen legs and feet, muscle cramps and other pregnancy-related aches and pains.  

She is thoughtful, professional, and an overall wonderful person.

We just celebrated the birth of our son! I will forever be thankful to Sara for her support and excellent care.

-Eden D, Brooklyn 


After undergoing a completely unplanned C section for my oldest daughter 3 1/2years ago, when I got pregnant with baby #2 I was determined to try for a VBAC. My new OBGYN practice recommended I visit Sara for some prenatal acupuncture treatment starting at about 36 weeks in order to get my baby in primal birthing position (and also to relieve/prevent any sciatica from flaring up which I experienced with my first pregnancy).

As a first-time acupuncture patient – I was super nervous and couldn’t imagine being able to relax and go through with the process – but as soon as I stepped into Sara’s space I knew I was in good hands. She spent the entirety of our first session patiently taking me through her practice and fielding all of my gazillion questions. Sara offered no judgments and made me feel calm and safe.

As the last few weeks of my pregnancy progressed, I looked forward to my sessions with Sara (and even schlepped along my husband so Sara could work on his back pain) and each time I felt more and more hopeful that I was getting my baby in the ideal birthing position for a successful VBAC. Sara adjusted each session’s input according to how far along I was. She was strategic and knowledgeable with where my baby was and believe it or not, her technique proved successful!

At 40 weeks I still hadn’t gone into labor and my doctor booked me for a C Section – I was super bummed – but scheduled one last appointment with Sara, did everything in my power to induce labor in between and the day before my scheduled C Section, I went into a very speedy and natural labor and delivered a beautiful healthy baby girl. I truly feel that it is because of the acupuncture that I was able to deliver naturally. And I also had a speedy recovery, literally WALKED out of the hospital 24 hours later  – also, due to the acupuncture, I’m convinced! 

-Raquel B, Brooklyn