After being told that I had a 3% chance of getting pregnant, I was devastated.  I always knew I wanted to be a mom and had fantasies about being pregnant and raising a child in Brooklyn.  After the initial shock and devastation wore off, I decided to focus on my health and take time off of trying to conceive.

I began seeing Sara for acupuncture to “de-stress” and to see if she could help with issues with my adrenal glands. After three short months, I was feeling more relaxed, less lethargic, and my overall outlook had improved.  

Then the unexpected call came from my doctor… “You’re pregnant!”

I truly believe that without acupuncture, I would still be childless.  

Throughout my pregnancy, I visited Sara for swollen legs and feet, muscle cramps and other pregnancy-related aches and pains.  

She is thoughtful, professional, and an overall wonderful person.

We just celebrated the birth of our son! I will forever be thankful to Sara for her support and excellent care.

-Eden D, Brooklyn NY