Express Delivery

I had the honor of attending an incredible birth the other night. My patient Kate was just over a week past her due date, slightly more than 1cm dilated, and scheduled to be induced in 2 days. She had diligently come in for weekly pre-labor acupuncture treatments and she and her husband were performing acupressure at home as well. I got a call around 9pm from Kate letting me know there were some contractions, but that they might be a false alarm and to stand by. At about 10:45 I got a call from her husband – her contractions were getting intense – and about 3 minutes apart! I rushed over there to find Kate quietly laboring so as not to wake up her toddler, asleep in the other  room. A car was called, and after a few more intense contractions, we all jumped in the car to go to the hospital. At this point, her water had broken and she was having a VERY strong urge to push! The cab driver floored it, and Kate did a great job of breathing to keep from bearing down. As soon as we made it off the elevator, she was in a room and less than 5 minutes later, out flew a gorgeous baby boy! He had ingested a bit of meconium, but otherwise was a beautiful, healthy 7lb 15oz baby. Kate was a champ through the whole whirlwind experience, no pain medication, no induction!