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Being Healthy at 100

Check out this article on how simple lifestyle changes can have a great positive impact on your health. And it’s never too late to start. Some suggestions are as simple as walking. Little things really do make a difference!

Fertility and Stress

Check out this article from the NY Times. It shows definitively that stress can have a negative impact on fertility. Acupuncture (as well as yoga, breathing, meditating, going for a walk, etc) can help reduce stress and make a significant impact on your cycle. August 16, 2010 Old Maxim of Fertility and Stress Is Reversed By […]

Express Delivery

I had the honor of attending an incredible birth the other night. My patient Kate was just over a week past her due date, slightly more than 1cm dilated, and scheduled to be induced in 2 days. She had diligently come in for weekly pre-labor acupuncture treatments and she and her husband were performing acupressure at home as well. […]

Brand New Office!

We have moved to a new office. The location hasn’t changed that much – it’s at the same location at 119 West 23rd Street but a sweet new suite, #802. We have 6 treatment rooms and I am joined by an amazing group of practioners who all focus on women’s health issues. Stay tuned for […]

Boost Your Immune System With Chinese Medicine

I recently contributed to an article featured in the January issue of Delicious Living magazine.  It features some great tips for staying healthy and reducing your risk of catching the next cold that comes your way! You may have already cast aside your new year’s resolutions and your healthy habits may be difficult to maintain.  […]